Central Stockholm

Riddarholmen showing a sunset and a city
Few capital cities are as naturally beautiful as Sweden’s. Here historic districts and hipster havens are set on islands amid forests, lakes and sea.

Central Stockholm has an enchanting quality, managing to be both perfectly historic and impossibly futuristic. It is the perfect gateway to Swedish sensibilities. Spend days wandering along cobbled streets and visiting cutting-edge art museums, stopping to engage in the country’s afternoon ritual of fika, coffee with a slice of cake.

Appreciate Sweden’s long history, as well as its glorious days during the Thirty Years’ War, while walking through impossibly picturesque Gamla Stan. See the country’s might as a naval power, from the Vikings onward, in the Maritime Museum. Admire the wide-ranging art in the collections of the National Museum (Nationalmuseum). Head to the Stockholm Royal Palace (Stockholms Slott) to understand the life and times of the king and queen of Sweden, one of Europe’s few remaining royal monarchies. Wander through magnificent King’s Garden.

View Stockholm’s more modern sensibilities on the island of Södermalm, a former industrial district that is now an exciting hipster capital. Experience newer-than-new design and boundary-pushing art at the Museum of Modern Art (Moderna museet) or the collections of the Vasa Museum. Listen to timeless music at the Royal College of Music. End the day strolling along the elegant streets of Östermalm, as they lead to the Baltic Sea.

Central Stockholm spreads across several islands in one of Sweden’s southernmost archipelagoes, surrounded by a series of smaller urban centers. Reach the city center from Arlanda Airport in about 35 minutes by bus or car. Stockholm’s Central Station is in the city center and provides easy connections to Swedish and international destinations. Travel by ferry to numerous regional destinations from the terminal in Hjorthagen. Getting around Central Stockholm is easy, with buses, trams and a subway system.

After visiting numerous interesting spots in the Central Stockholm region, indulge in campy, silly fun with a visit to ABBA The Museum, the perfect way to end a Swedish vacation.

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