Toshima showing interior views and views as well as a couple
Old and new combine in this lively focal point in the heart of Tokyo, where traditional museums and temples stand beside a cat café and themed arcade world.

With glorious viewing decks and thrilling entertainment venues, Toshima is one of the main hubs of Tokyo. The neighborhood has a futuristic sheen, reveling in the otaku culture made up of anime cartoons and augmented reality screens. You can see a slice of this at Sunshine City Shopping Mall, an extraordinary complex with various themed worlds and futuristic venues.

Fight zombies on the arcade games and wander through a haunted realm in Namco Namjatown. Notice the anime mascots plastered across the arcade games and walls. Nearby is the Nekobukuro site, where real-life cats are pampered by feline-loving visitors. Stroke some of the 40 cats lazing about between the model trains and glass cases of toys.

Ascend to the top floors of the Sunshine City compound to marvel at the flying penguins of the Sunshine Aquarium. Walk beneath a glass tank and study jellyfish in this partially open-air aquarium, which has a viewing deck and tropical garden.

For some of the best views in the district, climb to the observation tower of the SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory. Participate in virtual reality experiences and check out the futuristic touches, while you tower over central Tokyo.

In addition to high-tech gadgets and anime culture, Toshima also celebrates old-world traditions. See the large statue guarding the Shinshoji Temple and inspect stamps from bygone eras in Japan and across the globe in the Philatelic Museum. Learn about Ancient Egypt and the history of western Asia in the Ancient Orient Museum.

Look to the future with a stroll through the leafy campus of Rikkyo University. Its redbrick buildings have a Western design and the dining hall stands out for its elaborate ceiling.

The region of Toshima is just north of the city center of Tokyo. To reach it, take the train to the Ikebukuro railway station. You can also travel around the neighborhood by tram.

Toshima is at once a high-tech haven celebrating otaku culture and a nod to traditional Japan.

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