Wascana Centre

Regina’s biggest park is a haven for migratory birdlife, art lovers, history buffs, politicians and sports-crazy locals. 

Wascana Centre is Regina’s green, cultural and recreational heart. The 2,300-acre (nine-square kilometer) park surrounds picturesque Wascana Lake and provides the backdrop for Regina. The lake was created in 1883 by damming Wascana Creek in order to provide water for livestock, but it quickly popular with human residents. The lake and surrounding park have been progressively deepened and improved ever since. Today it is one of the most impressive human-sculpted natural environments in the world.

Take a walk around the peaceful 2.5-mile (four-kilometer) trail that circles the lake. Spot the many charming attractions along this track, including old-fashioned bridges and the Trafalgar Fountain that once stood in England’s Trafalgar Square. Enjoy the quaint historical touch of Speakers’ Corner at the park’s northern end, lit up each night by original gas lamps from London. Benches and lookouts dot the park, so linger a while and recharge your energy. 

Perhaps the best feature of Wascana Centre is its proximity to many of Regina’s premier art, historical and political attractions. The Royal Saskatchewan Museum, the Legislative Building and the MacKenzie Art Gallery are all located adjacent to the park and are connected by walking and cycling trails. 

The park is the perfect place to enjoy nature after sightseeing in the city. Delight in feeding the birds at the Wascana Waterfowl Park, where geese, swans, ducks and pelicans make their home. Most species fly south for the winter but the marshland itself is worth visiting year-round for its stunning vistas and sunset photo opportunities. Watch for the resident mink, beaver, muskrat and red fox too. 

For a more active day, try cycling, rollerblading or jogging on the sealed, groomed paths. Throw a Frisbee with friends or find a patch of open grass and play soccer amid the gorgeous scenery.

Wascana Centre is handicapped-accessible. It takes about an hour to walk around the lake  without any stops. The park also hosts scores of public events each year, so check the park website while planning your stay.

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