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Boston Red Sox Ticket Information

One of the most storied teams in baseball history, the Red Sox have created some of the sport’s greatest moments. A powerhouse shaped by 86 years of frustration, the team brought a succession of legendary names to Boston and won over one of the most dedicated fan bases in the country. Whether you’re watching from the Green Monster at Fenway Park or catching up with the team on the road, Red Sox tickets are your chance to see baseball the way it was meant to be played.


The team got its start in 1901, in order to give the new American League a competitor to Boston’s National League franchise. In a few short years, the Boston Americans would start claiming the old team’s players, fans, and even their signature red stockings. The town’s new juggernaut won the first modern World Series in 1903 and fielded superstars like Smokey Joe Wood, Tris Speaker, and Babe Ruth, who got his first 3 World Series wins with the Red Sox. But selling Ruth to the Yankees in 1920 seemed to transfer the team’s fortunes along with him, turning a mediocre New York team into a phenomenon and shaping one of the most heated rivalries in the sport. The Red Sox wouldn’t take the league pennant again until 1946, and they’d finish the 20th century without another World Series win.

Even so, Boston’s passionate fans kept the team fighting and the stands filled through their darkest days. Players like Ted Williams, Carlton Fisk, Pedro Martinez, and David Ortiz made sure that great baseball, and stories like the Impossible Dream of 1967 or Fisk’s 12th-inning home run in 1975 turned the team’s tribulations into a national sensation. The Sox ended that chapter in 2004, besting the Yankees in 7 epic games to win the pennant and then taking the World Series in 4. And to show that the win hadn’t been a fluke, they won the title again in 2007 and 2013, becoming the first team to win 3 World Series in the 21st century.

The Red Sox have been the keepers of Major League Baseball’s legacy in Boston since the Braves left town in 1953, and they’ve made the most of that legacy. A visit to Fenway has been one of the favorite things to do for Bostonians and visitors alike, so grab your tickets and see for yourself what makes a game with the Olde Towne Team so special.

Boston Red Sox 2022

The 2022 Boston Red Sox season is the ongoing 122nd season in Boston Red Sox franchise history, and their 111th season at Fenway Park. The team is led by Alex Cora, in his forth stint as the team's manager. Boston's season is now scheduled to end with a home game on October 5 against Tampa Bay. Although MLB previously announced that several series would be cancelled due to the lockout, the new CBA provides for a 162-game season, with originally canceled games to be made up via doubleheaders.

The Red Sox entered the 2022 season having reached the 2021 ALCS where they fell two wins short of appearing in the World Series. After compiling a 23–27 record through the end of May, the team went 20–6 during June, only to fall back under .500 in the second half of July. The team made several trades prior to the deadline, resulting in Christian Vázquez, Jake Diekman, and prospect Jay Groome leaving the organization, while Tommy Pham, Eric Hosmer, and Reese McGuire joined the team.

When were the Boston Red Sox founded?

The Boston Red Sox were originally founded in 1901 but named the Boston Americans. The team has played at the historic Fenway Park since 1912.

How many World Series championships have the Red Sox won?

The Red Sox have won a total of nine World Series championships. Their most recent was in 2018.

Who are the the Boston Red Sox's biggest rivals?

It goes without saying that the New York Yankees and Red Sox have one of the most iconic and longstanding rivalries in all of professional sports. The two teams first met in 1901, and have faced each other over 2,000 times!

What's the Green Monster?

The "Green Monster" is a 37-foot-tall left-field wall that's painted green. Its significance is that it's the highest wall in any major league ballpark and can greatly affect the outcome of games.

Why do the Red Sox play "Sweet Caroline"

The popular Neil Diamond song has been played during the eight inning of Red Sox home games since 1998. The song was played, and fans instantly took to singing along thus becoming a Fenway tradition.

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