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R&B and Soul Ticket Information

Whether you were introduced to R&B through the music of Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, or Beyoncé, there are countless opportunities to find tickets for R&B concerts. Rhythm and blues is an ambiguous genre whose meaning has changed throughout the years, but some constants remain: powerful vocals, danceable tunes, and world-class performances. The Grammy-winning Mary J Blige is a perfect encapsulation of the full spectrum of what R&B can be thanks to music that combines funk, soul, and hip hop—all of which were considered R&B until those styles were given categories of their own. There are many different R&B concerts available, so be sure to book tickets for Lionel Richie, Chris Brown, or Ginuwine before they’re all gone.

R&B History

The term “rhythm and blues” has historically been used as a catchall for any music that young people enjoy and older folks find confusing. That may seem ridiculous or overly simplistic until you consider that disco, funk, reggae, hip hop, and rock and roll were all once considered R&B until people came up with more inventive names for the new musical styles. The genre of R&B was created in the 1940s to capture the wide variety of African American-created music being played at the time. Early R&B artists like Bo Diddley and Little Richard would later be considered founders of rock and roll, while others like Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin maintained a distinct R&B sound. After rock music took off, the R&B diaspora continued and led to the creation of countless new styles, including soul and dancehall. The 1980s and ‘90s saw a resurgence of R&B thanks to Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey.

R&B Concerts

Artists like Rihanna, John Legend, and Usher are carrying on the legacy of those classic R&B performers, and they regularly tour the country. You can also check out traditional R&B artists, including Charlie Wilson, Keith Sweat, Gladys Knight, and Patti Labelle, who have been entertaining crowds for years. No matter who you decide to see, you’re sure to be on your feet dancing and singing along to the soulful music. There are plenty of R&B tickets available now, so you have no excuse to miss out.

What is R&B music?

R&B music is a popular genre of contemporary music that combines rhythm and blues with elements of funk, pop, soul, hip hop, and electronic dance.

Who was the first R&B artist?

Louis Jordan is often credited as the very first R&B artist. He is best known for the classic, "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Who is the current King of R&B?

Although it's debatable, Usher is commonly considered the current King of R&B, having collected eight Grammy's and numerous other accolades.

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