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Ashburn, VA, US

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Chicago Blackhawks Ticket Information

Founded in 1926 and named for the owner’s infantry unit in WWI, “The Blackhawk Division,” Chicago’s hockey team has been a powerhouse since the beginning. The Blackhawks are members of the “Original Six” NHL hockey teams, and they have been battling against those old foes—the Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and New York Rangers—for as long as any fan can remember. Boasting 6 Stanley Cups and 16 division championships, the Hawks are a team with a history of winning that continues into this year.

Historic Franchise

Chicago prides itself on its sports teams, and the Blackhawks are as highly decorated as any team in town, with their 6 national titles equaling that of the historically great Chicago Bulls. In 1934, Charlie Gardiner, the only goaltender to captain his team to a Stanley Cup victory, led his team to victory by shutting out the Detroit Red Wings in the final game. Gardiner heroically played while enduring a terrible infection that would take is his life at the all-too-young age of 29. In 1938, the team posted a regular season record of 14–25–9, and they miraculously made it to the playoffs and into the Stanley Cup Finals. They won the cup with the help of an improbable, temporary goalie that they plucked from a Toronto bar. When the 1969–70 season rolled around, the Blackhawks made one of their most fortuitous roster moves when they claimed goaltender Tony Esposito, who is widely considered to be one of the best players of all time. Since the beginning of this decade, the Blackhawks have already won 3 Stanley Cups, and they’re vying for yet another this year.

Current Team

Corey Crawford is the latest in a long line of excellent Blackhawk goalies, and top-scorer Patrick Kane joins him as they try to prevent the Pittsburgh Penguins from getting a third consecutive Stanley Cup. Blackhawk fans from across the world come to the United Center for home games, and it is truly one Chicago’s top things to do. Be sure to pick up an affordable ticket to watch the team check and shoot their way to another NHL Playoff spot.