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Ashburn, VA, US

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The Rolling Stones Ticket Information

Although The Rolling Stones were not officially founded as a band until 1962, their story dates back to the early 1950s when founding members Keith Richards and Mick Jagger met in elementary school. After not seeing each other for nearly a decade, they found common ground again under their shared love for Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters. The two quickly formed a musical partnership along with Jagger’s high school friend Dick Taylor. Not long after the trio had formed they added two additional members, Alan Etherington and Bob Beckwith, and became known as the Blues Boys.  For a brief period, the band merged with another group of musicians and became known as Blues Incorporated, this however did not last long as several of the original members of Blues Incorporated ventured off on their own. In 1962 the band had completed their line up with the addition of Tony Chapman, alongside Jagger, Richards, Taylor, Brian Jones and Ian Stewart. Jones is credited for coming up with the name for the band during an interview where he looked down and saw a Muddy Waters LP on the floor with one of the first tracks called “Rollin Stone”.

In July of that year the band played their first gig at the Marquee Club in London. Not long after their first performance as a band they embarked on their first tour of the United Kingdom. Their tour was called “training ground”, as it was the first time any of the band members had gone on a nationwide tour. Playing mostly blues in the beginning the band managed to sign manager Giorgio Gomelsky, who secured them a residency at the Crawdaddy Club beginning in February of 1963. Later on, he is quoted saying that this residency launched a new renaissance for the blues. In May of that year the band had signed on a new manager who had previously worked for the Beatles, Andrew Loog Oldham. It was under his direction that the band began to differentiate themselves from the Beatles are more of a raunchy, grunge group.

Off to a Rocky Start

In 1964 the band released their first self-entitled album, which consisted primarily of covers as the band had not gained much experience in songwriting at this point. All things considered, their first album and supporting tour were a disaster. Not wanting to throw in the towel so quickly, they decided to get back in the studio and produce music that they would be proud of. While they did have a small fan base building in the UK, it was not until their release of their second album The Rolling Stones No. 2 that they would see international success and their fan base growing. It reached number one on the charts in the UK and number five in the US. The band’s first smash hit was released in May of 1965, entitled “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, earning a number one spot on the US charts for four straight weeks. This song catapulted the band to fame internationally. From then on out the band was a hit, releasing over 30 studio albums and selling over 240 million albums worldwide. In 1989 the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to their large impact on classic rock and roll.

Being that The Rolling Stones are the fourth bestselling group of all time, tickets to their concerts sell out fast! With the announcement of their 2019 No Filter tour, fans are eager to get their tickets before they are gone! Do not miss out on your once in a lifetime experience seeing these rock and roll legends live and in person!

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