By No Vacation Required, on December 1, 2020

Top places and tips for working from anywhere

For years now, people have been telling us they envy our life. Our ability to travel the world and work from anywhere is a hallmark—and probably the most enviable part of the “No Vacation Required” life we’ve created. Well—despite the unfortunate reason behind it—those dreams are coming true as remote work has become possible, necessary even, for many people.

Stanford research shows that 42 percent of the labor force in the U.S. is now working remotely full time. And according to Gallup, “Three in five U.S. workers who have been doing their jobs from home during the coronavirus pandemic would prefer to continue to work remotely as much as possible, once public health restrictions are lifted.”

Perhaps even more telling is the fact that many companies are planning to let their employees work remotely permanently. Microsoft, based in our backyard here in Seattle, became the most recent face of this movement when they made just such an announcement.

If your personal situation allows you to work remotely and doing so is something you have both wished for and found to be rewarding, why not do what we do.

Get out of the home office and work from dream destinations.

Listen, we probably don’t need to say this, but we’re going to anyway. Traveling during the pandemic is complicated and may not be in the cards for you. While it is possible to travel responsibly and comfortably, it takes a level of care, preparation, and caution that you just might be up for. But if you are ready to travel and can commit to taking the necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of yourself and others, now could be the time to realize that dream of working from a dream destination.

Here are some places to consider.

That awesome place right near you

It’s easy to forget that your dream destination is someone else’s hometown or weekend getaway. And the opposite is true. Don’t discount locations that are near to you simply because they’re close. In fact, when testing the waters of working from a dream destination, those ideal spots that aren’t too far from home are a great place to start.

No matter where you are in the country, you’ve got something close that could easily fit the bill. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve written about traveling to some of our near-by dream destinations. We love Bend, Oregon, where we can get some work done and then get outside for some killer hikes and skiing. Or anywhere along the coast of the Olympic Peninsula where we can watch dramatic storms roll-in.

Near Bend, Oregon

In the Northeast, consider the stunning countryside or world class beach destinations outside of New York City. Maybe you can spend some cozy winter days tucked into the idyllic towns of Vermont or New Hampshire. And don’t even get us started on Bar Harbor, no matter what time of year.

For those in the Southeast, the beaches are a huge draw, of course. But what about the historic cities of Savannah or Charleston? Or imagine having an extended amount of time to explore the food scene in New Orleans?

The point is, regardless of where in the country you live, there is a dream destination close by.


We hear you. You want to get back to Florida and all the sun and all the things there are to do there.

While there are reasons to be wary of traveling to Florida right now—those packed bars and crowded beaches do not sit well with us—there are some aspects of the State that make it an ideal place for an extended, remote work destination.

Disney’s Riviera Resort in Orlando, Florida

Locations across Florida—Orlando, Miami, Key West—are full of large hotel rooms, villas, and vacation rentals (all of which can be booked right on Expedia by simply selecting that as an accommodation type when searching an area) that make for perfect remote-work basecamps. And prices are low enough to make it more financially feasible to stay for an extended period of time.


Again, we hear you. You want to get back to California and all the sun and all the things there are to do there.

From San Diego to Crescent City and everything in between—Palm Springs, Carmel, Napa—there is almost nowhere in California that wouldn’t make for a great remote work/travel getaway.

California Coast

And during the pandemic, the state’s strong public health precautions and room rates that are likely to never be available again make the Golden State a no-brainer.


Again, we hear you. You want to get back to Hawaii and all the sun and all the things there are to do there.

Hawaii is one of our favorite remote-work destinations because the time zone simplifies things (something you need to consider when working remotely). As naturally early risers, we always feel so productive because you can get work done with a mac nut latte in hand—everyone on the mainland is already up and available—finish in the early afternoon, and still have lots of time to explore (or surf, or eat shave ice, or all three).

Grand Hyatt Kauai

We’re going to take a beat before we head back to Hawaii—and to one of our favorite resorts in the world, Grand Hyatt Kauai—but we wanted to mention it because of their fantastic new test before you go system. We love what they are doing and we can’t wait to get back.

In closing, get creative about what your world of work looks like in the year ahead. And consider yourself fortunate if you have a choice. Many of our essential workers aren’t so privileged, and they are exposing themselves to the virus every day. So be sure to give them a heartfelt thanks, do your part to protect their health and well-being, and give them a massive tip when you can.

Note: Since this was written, many states have re-tightened restrictions surrounding COVID-19 (including dissuading non-essential travel). Please research and follow all guidance relevant to your period of travel.

Which of these four destinations are you most interested in?