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Welcome to Iceland

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Quick facts about Iceland:

  • With 336,060 denizens, Iceland ranks 110th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Iceland is the Icelandic Króna
  • Don't forget to stop in Reykjavik , South Iceland, and Northern Iceland while you're in the country

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  • 1,504 people have reviewed this country on Expedia, and 1,342 of them wholeheartedly recommend taking a trip here.
  • Average hotels here receive a ranking of 4 on a scale from 1 to 5.
  • The average room has a cleanliness rating of 4.
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  • Comfort levels at local lodges earned a score of 4.

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Brace yourself for a northern adventure in a land settled by Vikings, where the sun never quite sets in the summer. The hours of daylight make Iceland hotel packages a true bargain. Forget about laying around with sand sticking to your tanning oil in Iceland. You'll be too busy driving a snowmobile towards the top of a glacier in the morning and enjoying your reservations for a midnight whale watch later that day.

Iceland may be the ultimate northern vacation spot. Fans of extreme landscapes will relish the guided glacier walks, jaunts to lagoons packed with icebergs, tours of the lava tube caves, and helicopter rides near the brink of a spectacular volcano. Iceland hotel deals are the best way to experience the Golden Circle, a tour of Iceland's topographical highlights. The Golden Circle excursion includes Gullfoss Waterfall, Strokkur Geyser, and a volcanic crater lake.

Hotels in Iceland cater to tourists who are interested in very active vacations. Snorkel through the clear, otherworldly-blue waters of Silfra fissure or dive the deep geothermal springs. You can fish for wild salmon and arctic char, or whitewater raft down a glacial river twisting through jagged volcanic rock canyons. To change the pace, take the ferry from the West Fjords to Flatey Island and stroll through a village that has remained largely unchanged since the 1800's.

The capital city, Reykjavik, offers great prices and the most chances to find a cheap Iceland hotel deal. Reykjavik is the site of Iceland’s first permanent settlement, and experts consider it one of the cleanest, safest cities in the world. Reykjavik offers all the benefits of a modern city; it has been called the nightlife capital of the north. There are plenty of clubs, museums, concert halls, spas, and boutiques near the Iceland hotels to pack your nights with as much action as your days.