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Known for Hiking, Lakes and Forests

In northern New England, this town features a charming collection of colonial architecture surrounded by dense wilderness and immaculate blue water.

How do you get to Greenville?

The resort area of Greenville combines the beauty of America’s northernmost parts with aspects of culture and terrain common to Canada and the U.S. One of the most well-known residents of this region is that giant of the forest, the moose. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing one of these majestic creatures in person, Greenville is a great spot to make it happen. For best results, go on an expertly led wildlife tour to get close enough to observe moose with the unaided eye.

Greenville is also an excellent place to try a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Join a whitewater rafting day tour or set out on a wilderness hike at Lily Bay State Park. Rent a kayak or canoe and navigate the lake on your own or climb aboard a steamship cruise for an old-fashioned sightseeing excursion.

Visit Moosehead Lake and stand near the brilliant cascade of water over a rocky cliff. As the name implies, you might spot a moose lurking on the shore. In summer, cast a line and park your fishing rod on Prong Pond while you take a nap. In winter, ice fish alongside locals for a rare catch.

For a fun shopping detour, stop at the Moosehead Lake Indian Store at Kamp Kamp. This eclectic store sells fishing supplies, taxidermy and even log joinery furniture. Walk out with a souvenir or take time to admire the curated items on the walls.

Enjoy over an hour of scenic drive into town north from Newport, Maine to get to Greenville. Otherwise fly into Godfrey International Airport and drive 1.5 hours along equally pretty roads.

Many come to Greenville for its wildlife and fall in love with this slice of leafy New England. Stay at one of several inns in town or pitch a tent in fair weather and fall to sleep with the fresh smell of forest vegetation. Either way, give yourself enough time to settle into the wonderfully slow pace of days here.

Things to do in Greenville

Take advantage of the well-maintained paths and observation decks that provide easy access to viewing these spectacular falls that have one of the highest vertical drops in New England.