Laing Art Gallery

See Newcastle’s industrial history through the eyes of artists using ceramics, glass and watercolors in this gallery with exhibits for children.

With its vast collection of watercolors, oil paintings and historical relics, the Laing Art Gallery has become a famous institution in Newcastle. The gallery, which dates back to 1901, holds talks on historic, modern and contemporary art. Browse through temporary exhibits to get a glimpse into the city’s art scene and intriguing past.

Admire the baroque style of the building, which has a dome and panels of green tinted glass. Visit the Northern Spirit gallery on the first floor for works created by local artists, such as Thomas Bewick and John Martin. Learn about the city’s history with the display of silver, glass and ceramic artworks that reflect its industrial productions.

Some permanent displays include watercolors from the 18th and 19th centuries, with J.M.W. Turner’s works among the most celebrated. Embark on a guided tour around temporary exhibits. Learn to draw like Da Vinci and create masterpieces in the gallery’s workshops.

Bring the toddlers to the area for children under 5 years. It has costumes and a paint-splashed playground. Numerous exhibits cater to kids, including themes such as classic children’s books.

Peruse the intriguing gift ideas in the gallery’s shop. Take a break from your art exploration with snacks and refreshments in the Cafe Laing.

Relax in the spacious plaza in front of the gallery and watch people go by. Inspect Thomas Heatherwick’s Blue Carpet public artwork, which is a paved space appearing as a carpet dropped from the sky. A bit of the carpet is lifted to create a bench, sometimes used by skateboarders.

Enter the gallery for free, although certain exhibitions might carry a charge. The site is open from Tuesday to Saturday between morning and late afternoon. Sunday has later opening times. The gallery is closed on Monday.

Laing Art Gallery is just east of the Monument area of central Newcastle. Ride the metro or drive and pay to park behind the gallery or in a space on the street. Visit the many artistic hubs in this area, such as the Whitewall Galleries Newcastle, the Theatre Royal and Vane.

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