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Baltimore Orioles Ticket Information

See the team that brought baseball back to downtown Baltimore with a ticket to see the Orioles play. With a legacy that spans more than a century and stretches across half the country, the Birds have become a fixture of the Charm City, delivering baseball that’s a thrill to watch. Whether you can visit Oriole Park at Camden Yards or catch the Orioles on the road, you’re in for an experience that’s not to be missed.

The Birdland Power Company

The franchise got its start in 1901 in Wisconsin, with a lineage that traced back to the original Milwaukee Brewers of the Western League. They were one of the only teams to survive when that league became the American League, but left town for Missouri just a year later. In 52 years as the St. Louis Browns, the team managed to win 1 league pennant before their finances ran out and, after the league wouldn’t let them return to Milwaukee, headed for the East Coast instead.

In Baltimore, the Orioles found a level of success they hadn’t reached anywhere else. Players like Frank Robinson, Mike Cuellar, and Cal Ripken, Jr. helped the team rack up 6 more pennants and 3 World Series wins. After a downturn that stretched into the 2000s, the Orioles have roared back in the 2010s to be a regular threat in the MLB Playoffs.

Orioles Magic

Along with establishing Baltimore as a Major League city, the Orioles led the way when they left-behind their cookie-cutter stadium to build an iconic new park in the heart of downtown. The Washington Nationals’ arrival in the Beltway gave Birdland their own interleague rival and inspired a renewed sense of Maryland pride, giving the team a stronger identity and as much energy as at any time in their history. Pick up your own Orioles tickets to see for yourself just what they bring to the plate.

Do the Baltimore Orioles have a team mascot?

The Orioles' mascot is named "The Oriole Bird," which is a cartoon bird with an orange head and black feathers. In 1979 at Memorial Stadium, the bird hatched out of a giant egg and made its debut.

Where do the Orioles play their home games?

The Orioles play their home games at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The team has been playing there since 1992 and is located in downtown Baltimore.

Do the Orioles have any rivals?

The Orioles' biggest rivalry is with the Washington Nationals, which is known as the "Beltway Series" due to the close proximity of the two teams.

When were the Baltimore Orioles founded?

The modern-day Baltimore Orioles were founded in 1954, but the franchise dates back to the Milwaukee Brewers in 1894.

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