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Ashburn, VA, US

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Super Bowl Ticket Information

It’s that time of year again, folks! The Big Game is finally here. The tradition of getting together with family and friends on Super Bowl Sunday has historically become one of America’s most important non-official holidays, so imagine actually being there! The Super Bowl is what every professional football player is in the league for. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the players, just as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you! Don’t miss your chance to be there on the big day. Be sure to get your Super Bowl tickets right here!

Game History

The NFL successfully fended off competing leagues until 1960, when the American Football League (The AFL) was formed. Owner of the AFL’s Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt, coined the term “Super Bowl” during a merger meeting. He was simply referring to a championship game between the two leagues, and wasn’t set on the name. However, the media loved the term, and it became official during the 3rd annual Super Bowl. The roman numeral tradition was included during the fifth. Team owners became fearful of the competitiveness of the Super Bowl after the NFL’s Green Bay Packers won the first two. However, the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs took the title in the following years. In the 1970 season, the NFL merged into 2 conferences. The American Football Conference consisted of the former AFL teams along with the Baltimore Colts, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Cleveland Browns while the remaining former NFL teams made up the National Football Conference. The champions of the two conferences would play one other in the Super Bowl every year.

Super Bowl LIII: New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams

The young and vibrant Los Angeles Rams are going head to head with the Super Bowl Veterans, the New England Patriots. The last time these two teams met in the Super Bowl was in 2001, When Bill Belichick was in his 2nd year and Tom Brady was a backup quarterback. They defeated the favored Rams, 20-17. In 2019, things are a little different. This will be the Patriots’ ninth Super Bowl appearance in 18 seasons. If that isn’t daunting enough, they have won five of these nine games! The Rams, however, shouldn’t have anything to fear. They took out the Dallas Cowboys and the top seeded New Orleans Saints in the playoffs. New head coach Sean McVay, the youngest head coach in NFL history, is surely improving this teams performance, recording a 13-3 record this season. Kickoff is set for February 2nd, 6:30 PM at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Want to be a part of the action? Get your tickets right now!

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