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Curitiba showing modern architecture, street scenes and a city
See the European influence on this prosperous Brazilian city. Explore its historic heart, architectural marvels and many sprawling parks.

This progressive southern Brazilian city is a thriving urban center with diverse roots. The former gold-mining camp of Curitiba was built by European immigrants, something that is reflected in its architecture, planning and culture. Spreading from the historic town center, Curitiba’s landscape features sprawling parkland, cascading fountains and tended forests. Discover a community of eclectic artists and musicians keeping classical music alive in Brazil. If you’re traveling south to visit Brazil’s rugged wilderness, stop in Curitiba for a Brazilian experience that many tourists overlook.

See some of the city’s most iconic works of architecture in the old town. Large parts of the city have begun to succumb to urban deterioration, but you can still visit the ornate Church of the Third Order of Francis and many German-inspired, well-cared-for structures in the area. On Sunday attend the craft market that takes over the cobbled streets. Enjoy an evening of music or stage performances at the Guaira Theater.

The area’s most iconic building is outside the city center. Visit the Botanical Garden of Curitiba to see the landmark greenhouse that has grown in prestige. This city icon is home to tropical plant species from around the world, while the surrounding forest features native trees and fountains. Hike the trails that lead into the park to observe local animal species.

Learn about the German legacy that helped shape Curitiba as you admire the scenery in German Wood, a manicured forest. See arts, crafts and historic artifacts from the community of immigrants before you hike through the woodland. Enjoy Curitiba’s diverse food offerings: Brazilian churrasco barbecue or selections from the German and Japanese populations. Find Italian cuisine in the Santa Felicidade district.

Curitiba has an international airport. The city is 250 miles (400 kilometers) southwest of São Paulo. Getting around Curitiba is easy using the affordable, efficient buses serving almost all city neighborhoods. Hop aboard the Serra Verde Express to explore the majestic coastline east of the city the scenic train leaves each morning and is one of Curitiba’s main attractions.

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Batel is noteworthy for its shopping, and you can make a stop at top attractions like Pátio Batel and Japan Square.

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