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Quick facts about Lithuania:

  • With 2.9 million residents, Lithuania ranks 125th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Lithuania is the Litas
  • Don't forget to stop in Vilnius , Palanga, and Druskininkai while you're in the country

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In the early 15th century, Lithuania became the last European country to give up their indigenous pagan gods and embrace Christianity. Today, many of Lithuania's erstwhile pagan beliefs are integrated into everyday life as charming superstitions and whimsical traditions. When you book one of the many available Lithuania hotel packages, you'll be able to explore everything this magical country has to offer, including Vilnius, the seaside resort of Palanga, the Hill of Crosses just north of the northern city of Šiauliai, and the Curonian Spit on the Baltic Sea, another UNESCO-designated Lithuanian treasure. Expedia helps travelers discover hotels in Lithuania that offer great amenities at special discount rates.

The town of Palanga, on the shores of the Baltic, was the center of Lithuania's thriving trade in amber in prehistoric times. In the summer, the city's main drag, Jonas Basanavicius Street, becomes one large carnival, complete with rides, street entertainment, and outdoor cafes.

Visit the Amber Processing Gallery to learn how amber is crafted into jewelry. In 17th-century Palanga, the streets were lined with workshops like this one. You'll be able to buy amber here at top prices. When the fast-paced beach scene grows too frantic, find peace in the tranquil Botanical Park. The Botanical Park is also the home of the Amber Museum, which contains over 20,000 specimens of amber jewelry and artifacts. It may be difficult to pin down a cheap Lithuania hotel deal in Palanga during the summertime, so try to make reservations for rooms ahead of time.

Nobody knows the exact number of standing crucifixes on the Hill of Crosses, but estimates put it over 100,000. Nobody is quite sure either how the custom of leaving crosses on this hillside came to be started. The best place to look for Lithuania hotel deals here is nearby Šiauliai, which has a small but lovely Renaissance-style cathedral that's also worth checking out.

Nature lovers will adore the Curonian Spit, a small but strategic land mass that Lithuania shares with Russia. Curonian Spit National Park is a terrific place for biking, hiking, or just hanging out on one of the many beaches. The park is home to elk, deer, and an enormous colony of grey herons. Its ecosystem is fragile, so stick to the designated paths. Find Lithuania hotels, which you can use as a base from which to explore the park in nearby Nida.