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Quick facts about Poland:

  • With 38.4 million residents, Poland ranks 70th in population compared to other countries
  • The currency in Poland is the Zloty
  • Don't forget to stop in Warsaw , Krakow , and Gdansk - East Pomerania while you're in the country

Looking to educate yourself about the local hotels in Poland? Here are a few stats you should know:

  • 12 people have reviewed this country on Expedia, and 12 of them wholeheartedly recommend taking a trip here.
  • Average hotels here receive a ranking of 5 on a scale from 1 to 5.
  • The average room has a cleanliness rating of 5.
  • Service at local hotels have received a rating of 4 on average.
  • Comfort levels at local lodges received a score of 5.

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This nation boasts many cities that are popular with tourists. Warsaw, the capital, offers many attractions, and mansions, castles, and Europe's largest cemetery are all located within the city limits. Krakow is one of the country's most ancient cities, and it is steeped in tradition. The Main Market Square has been a top urban center for more than 700 years. Krakow is also known for its many art museums where works by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt are featured. Hotels in Poland are often within walking distance of attractions and museums. If you are planning a visit, you should book your reservations quickly before they are sold out. First, however, you should research prices on rooms so that you can ensure that you get the best Poland hotel deals.

Poland is the home of many historic buildings and places. One of its most notorious destinations is the Auschwitz concentration camp, which played a major role in the Holocaust. The camp has been preserved so that the atrocities that were committed there by the Nazis will never be forgotten. Malbork Castle is another popular destination. It is the largest castle on Earth and one of Europe's most gigantic manmade structures. It was built more than 600 years ago and was the home of Polish kings. If you are interested in visiting, try to find a cheap Poland hotel deal nearby. The castle has been restored to its former glory in recent years. There are also numerous ancient churches and cathedrals located throughout the country that are close to Poland hotels. The nation has a strong religious tradition as well and was the birthplace and home country of Pope John Paul II. Anyone who is interested in the history of early Christianity is likely to enjoy a trip to a hotel in Poland.

If you are planning to visit this country, you are probably very excited, and rightfully so. Expedia has information on the best Poland hotel packages, which often feature discount rates.