Prague City Center

Astronomical Clock showing a square or plaza, a city and heritage elements
Fascinating history and magic blend in this modern setting. Spend time enjoying the town center’s unlimited things to see and do.

Prague City Center’s attractions include a gothic cathedral, a statue hanging over a street, a sprawling castle and alien babies. This mixture of the quirky and the traditional makes the Czech Republic’s capital city interesting and unusual. When you visit Prague City Center be sure to view the picturesque city from higher elevations rising from the shores of the Vltava River.

Walk over the centuries-old pedestrian Charles Bridge, named after a king and Holy Roman emperor. The bridge’s towers provide sweeping views of the city and its surroundings. In Kampa Park at the western end, look for statues of alien babies crawling on the ground, the work of Czech sculptor David Černý.

The Old Town Square in the city’s center provides buildings with diverse architectural designs mirroring the country’s past. See St. Nicholas Church, dominating the northwestern corner of the square. The nation was under communist rule from 1948 to 1989. Vestiges of that time remain evident in various locations throughout the city.

Gaze skyward to see a man dangling by one hand from a post high above a road. This is another work from David Černý and is a representation of Austrian psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. The art piece has been displayed in a number of cities around the world.

Cross the river to visit a landmark, St. Vitus Cathedral. Although parts of the church are old, its prolonged construction finally concluded in 1929. Wander through the surrounding area known as the Castle District to come across Prague Castle. Resembling more of a palace, it’s been the seat of government for many centuries and is now the president’s official residence.

Look for Golden Lane in the same district. It got its name from goldsmiths who lived on the street. Novelist Franz Kafka lived here for a while. Enter today to browse souvenir shops and visit an armor museum.

Czech food is delicious. As you travel around Prague City Center visit restaurants to try national and regional dishes. Match food with popular Czech beers for a memorable meal.

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