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Magnetic Hill

For years this hill has amazed visitors for an experience that seems to defy gravity. Sit in your car and marvel at how it appears to be pulled uphill. 

Be astounded by the gravity-defying pull of Magnetic Hill, which appears to draw cars uphill. After experiencing this curious phenomenon, check out the hill’s other attractions, including a zoo and a waterpark.

Rumors about the gravitational effect first circulated in the 19th century and it has been astounding tourists for many years. To experience the spectacle for yourself, park at the bottom of the hill and leave your car in neutral. Take the brake off and watch as your vehicle appears to travel up the hill all on its own.

Some believe it is magic, others that there is some kind of magnetic force in the ground. The truth is less romantic. What you are experiencing is an optical illusion not something that is against the laws of physics. The horizon is obscured which alters perspective and hides the fact that you are actually going downhill. 

There is more to do on the hill once your car has appeared to roll upwards. Step back in time at Wharf Village, a reconstruction of a traditional maritime fishing town. Browse the gift shops and visit the ice cream parlor and fudge factory.

Enjoy hours of excitement at Magic Mountain, a waterpark with pool, body slides and high-speed chutes such as Kamikaze and Torpedo. There is also a mini-golf course and lots of rides and attractions for very young children.

Spend some time at Magnetic Hill Zoo and see more than 600 animals, including jaguars, lions and lemurs. 

Magnetic Hill is situated in the north of Moncton, about a 15-minute drive from the downtown area.