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King Abdullah I Mosque featuring heritage elements and interior views as well as a small group of people
Jordan’s capital features a great climate, burgeoning creative and café scenes, and some of the most significant ancient ruins in the Middle East.

Amman is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. Today it is a lively and culturally diverse metropolis, striking for its mix of ancient monuments and modern city life. Amman’s 9,000-year-old history can be seen throughout the city. Go to Rainbow Street, a pedestrian-friendly quarter, to see how locals today embrace the café and artistic scenes.

Downtown Amman is where you will find quintessential Middle Eastern street life. Browse the fruits and spices at the Souk Sukkar and then head to the lively Saqf As Sayl market to bargain for household goods, jewelry and clothing. If it is brand names and international labels you’re after, head to boutiques on Wakalat Street.

Wander between Neolithic, Roman, Byzantine and Umayyad ruins at the Amman Citadel, an impressive archaeological site that charts the history of the region’s past civilizations.

Stand on the stage at the Roman Theater and admire the engineering ingenuity of this 6,000-seat amphitheater, built in the 2nd century. Today locals come here to relax and socialize.

West of the city you’ll find the King Hussein Bin Talal Mosque, the largest Muslim place of worship in the country. The mosque's architecture reflects the Umayyad design, which draws on Roman and Persian styles, seen throughout the city.

Enjoy modern, cosmopolitan Amman in Jabal Amman’s Rainbow Street and in the Jabel Al Weibdeh district. See art exhibitions at the Darat al Funun and the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. Discover Jordan’s history and learn about the Hashemite royal family at the Jordan Museum. Stroll through the gardens in the King Hussein National Park and enjoy the views of Amman. At the end of the day, relax in a hammam, a traditional Turkish-style bathhouse, or unwind in a luxurious spa offered by one of the popular hotels.

A large proportion of Jordan’s population resides in Amman and the residents, proud of this rapidly growing city, are known for their hospitality. Amman, with its mix of new and old, is a great place to explore and discover the Middle East.

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Amman featuring a city, night scenes and landscape views

Downtown Amman

4/5(38 area reviews)

Unique features of Downtown Amman include the historic sites and theaters. Make a stop by Amman Roman Theater or Amman Citadel while you're exploring the area.

Downtown Amman
Amman showing a sunset, landscape views and a city

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Al Swaifyeh

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