Antibes Cathedral

Located on the French Riviera, this stunning Roman Catholic cathedral is a religious marvel and considered a national monument of France.

See the magnificent entrance and admire the beautiful religious artifacts inside the Antibes Cathedral, also known as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception or Notre-Dame-de-la-Platea, located in the heart of the city’s old town. Admire this stunning example of religious history on the beautiful French Riviera. View the Italian-style rose-colored façade from the small plaza.

Inspect the stunning doors created by renowned Antibes sculptor Jacques Dolle in the 18th century. Relax in the cobblestone plaza and admire the brilliant façade. This Roman Catholic cathedral has been rebuilt several times after centuries of attacks. The site was formally the seat of the bishops of Antibes and later became the seat of the Bishops of Grasse. It remains a religious icon and a historical site in Antibes. 

Admire the remarkable 16th-century Virgin of the Rosary altarpiece by Louis Bréa. The piece depicts Christ as a child, being held by Mary with cherubs in the background. See the 15 Mysteries of the Rosary depicted on panels surrounding the Virgin Mary portrait. There are five panels of each Sorrow, Joy and Glory.

Visit the Antibes Cathedral and then take a short walk into the old town. Shop for delicious cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables. In the afternoon you’ll see painters and sculptors at work. Buy a painting from a local artist and shop for vintage clothing. The Antibes Cathedral is located next to the Picasso Museum, making it the perfect stop during a day trip in the old town. Find spectacular views of the French Riviera from the rear side of the building.

Antibes Cathedral is located about a 10-mile (16-kilometer) drive from the Côte d'Azur Airport in Nice. Alternatively, reach Antibes via train from Nice Central Station. Use meter-operated parking behind the main beaches or in the old town and take a relaxing walk to the cathedral.

Escape the heat and admire this religious wonder, as the Antibes Cathedral is known to keep cool in the warmest months.

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