Azure Window

View this oddity of nature, where the motion of the salty sea has carved something truly spectacular from the rocky cliffs. 

If the dazzling Azure Window and its accompanying lookouts seem familiar to you, don’t be surprised. This magical spot has been used as a location for films for decades. Most recently the arch made a major appearance in the first season of Game of Thrones.

It’s easy to see how this natural wonder got its name, as it is literally an azure window made from the natural rock formations of a cliff out in the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Gozo. Millennia of the salty water thrashing at the rocks carved the arch out of stone. The Azure Window is a remarkable attraction for any visitor to Malta. Divers come here looking for new wonders of the deep.

The Azure Window’s arch is startlingly high, providing a clear view of the sea. Beyond the arch, the horizon is wide and blue. This specific type of limestone is called lower corallian, with beautiful colors and textures. The window is part of the region of Dwejra, a collection of impressive natural rock formations which also includes Fungus Rock, Dwejra Bay and the Blue Hole, a collapsed cave, deep underwater.

Come to the Azure Window to see the immense power of nature and marvel at its unusual beauty. But be very careful. The Azure Window is collapsing piece by piece into the sea. A big chunk fell down in April 2012, enlarging the opening under the arch. These rocks are very sharp and crumbly, so bring sturdy shoes, even to simply stand on the lookout. Do not try walking over the top of the arch, tempting though it might look. Daredevils sometimes jump from the cliffs for a thrill, even though this is illegal.

Malta is largely at peace with the fact that the Azure Window won’t always be here, as one day it will be called the Azure Pinnacle or possibly the Azure Stack when it finally collapses. In any case, get here early because this wonderful sight is most heavily visited by tourists in the middle of the day.

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