Bantayan Public Plaza

Stroll past the trees and sports courts of this central square and visit the market and historic buildings surrounding it.

See the majestic church standing at the Bantayan Public Plaza. A market thrives near the square, the backbone of the affluent town. Close to the pier and the nearby islands, the plaza is known as a serene spot with benches and patches of shade trees. Spend the afternoon reading a book in a sunny spot and watching people go by.

The large plaza is split into several sections, including two basketball courts and woodland areas. Take part in one of the regular events that occur in the square. These include games of basketball and fitness and dance activities, such as Zumba.

Admire the elegant stone façade of the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish Church on the eastern flank of the plaza. Note the sculptures on either side of the main entrance and the square windows above it. Enter through the small arches carved into its large brown portal to see the spacious nave.

The church is among the oldest buildings on the island. Its separate bell tower has a more modern design. Light the candles to accompany your prayers and wishes and attend one of the daily Mass ceremonies for an understanding of local practices. A little southeast is the Mother of Perpetual Help Chapel.

Relax at a café or small restaurant surrounding the square. Local specialties focus on dried fish, noodles and various herbs and spices. Find a shady bench for a picnic with your family and friends and inspect the statue that marks the park’s center.

Stroll along the Bantayan Municipal Wharf west of the square and appreciate the views of the sea and the island of Panangatan. Purchase fish, fruits and vegetables from the rows of stalls that make up Bantayan Public Market.

The Bantayan Public Plaza is in its eponymous region in the southwestern part of the island. Get around the small area on foot and arrive here from other sections of the island by car. At the northeastern corner of the plaza is the Bantayan Post Office.

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