Blue Church

One of the city’s most distinctive buildings is an early 20th-century church that is painted and decorated in blue, inside and out.

The Blue Church is a building that truly lives up to its name, an art nouveau wonder that is covered from tower to base in different shades of blue. Explore this unique place of worship and marvel at the palette of blues adorning its walls, pews, mosaics and tiles.

The church was built in the early 20th century and is dedicated to St. Elizabeth, a medieval princess. Look at the circular mosaic above the entrance to the church depicting St. Elizabeth, who is the patron saint of bakers, widows and young brides. The work of art is an illustration of the miracle of roses.

According to legend, the food that Elizabeth was carrying to the poor one day turned into roses when she was confronted by her husband. She had been forbidden to give food away.

Walk around the outside of the building, examining the details of the façades. Thin lines of cobalt-colored mosaics form patterns around the base. There are more blue-colored mosaics adorning the exterior walls. Above the main body of the structure, an oval tower rises to a height of 120 feet (36.6 meters). It is topped by a blue spire.

Enter the single nave building and take a moment to reflect in the quiet interior, which is decorated in pale shades of blue. Sit in one of the wooden pews, which are also painted blue. Admire a picture of St. Elizabeth giving alms to the poor, one of the acts she is famous for. Also of note here is a curved, symmetrical, art nouveau-style altar piece.

The church is open throughout the day and a number of masses are held during the week. Visit the church’s official website to find out when services are scheduled.

The Blue Church is situated in the old town, a short walk from the Danube River to the south and Bratislava main station to the north. Nearby buildings include the National Theater and the Reduta Building, home of the Slovak Philharmonic.

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