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Compare 7 Motels in Boston with updated reviews, rates, and availability.

Room | Bathroom | Shower, towels, toilet paper
Washington Park Motel
2.0 star property
8.2 out of 10, Very Good, (40)
"They are a sweet friendly husband and wife who built a nice tiny business. The room was small but nice and work done right, unlike many of the chain hotels. The owner made sure I was able to get my sports game and took care of me and the wife. Quiet place and clean. "
The price is $130
$160 total
includes taxes & fees
May 20 - May 21
Washington Park Motel
Reception hall
Knights Inn Danvers
2.0 star property
6.6 out of 10, (1004)
"It was great. Looks like the motel was recently done over. Very Clean, big rooms."
The price is $109
$122 total
includes taxes & fees
May 19 - May 20
Knights Inn Danvers
Front of property