Canarian Museum (Museo Canario)

View one of the world’s most extensive collections of pre-Hispanic objects, including skeletons and tools, at this exceptional Canary Islands museum. 

Marvel at preserved artifacts from as early as 500 B.C. at the Canarian Museum (Museo Canario). Don’t miss the large collection of Cro-Magnon skulls. Learn about life on these great islands before the arrival of the Europeans, through an array of original artifacts and scale models of ancient communes. 

The Museo Canario was founded in 1879 and now features 11 exhibitions from different periods of the islands' history. Each of these is devoted to encouraging cultural and scientific development across the Canary Islands. 

Start your tour on the first floor. Here, displays focus on how aboriginal Canarians used natural resources to survive in early times. A particular highlight is the Habitat Room where you can explore a simple rock home and an intricate scale model of a troglodyte village. Stroll between the four rooms on this floor to see spears and knifes created from volcanic rock.

Make your way to the second floor to study a preserved corpse from prehistoric Gran Canaria. This was recovered from an ancient burial site. 

Head down the hall to the Physical Anthropology Room where you can gaze at hundreds of Cro-Magnon skulls. These are the remains of the two aboriginal populations that first inhabited these islands. Read the display boards around the room to learn what archaeologists have discovered about their customs and way of life. 

The Museo Canario is located in the historic quarter of Las Palmas, a short walk from the cathedral. In the large gift shop, purchase replicas of some of the museum’s artifacts. The museum is open all week and there is a small admission fee.

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