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A state of gentle pleasures and bucolic landscapes, Connecticut offers fascinating cultural and historical sights in a scenic yet seldom-explored corner of America.

Sometimes Connecticut is unfairly dismissed simply as New York’s neighbor or a state for commuters. Yet the rolling hills, forested valleys and historic coastal towns make the “Constitution State” an engaging and welcoming destination in its own right. Discover the friendly and authentic charm of one of New England’s lesser-seen regions.

Connecticut was one of the 13 original colonies of America that declared independence from the British Crown. Wander down classic American Main Streets in towns that maintain the charm and character of the Revolutionary era. Browse the exhibits of the Museum of Connecticut History in Hartford to learn about the state’s industrial history and to see displays on America’s abolition movement and the famous underground railroad.

Linger in the charming capital city of Hartford to visit its other cultural attractions. Stop by the eye-catching 19th-century Mark Twain House and Museum, a burnt-orange home with displays dedicated to the life of the writer. The Wadsworth Atheneum, a public art gallery, is the oldest museum of its kind in the U.S.

Soak up the academic atmosphere of Yale University in the stylish town of New Haven. This famous educational institution is the home of Yale University Art Gallery and the Yale Center for British Art. Visitors are welcome to stroll around the picturesque campus grounds.

The history of Connecticut is inextricably linked with its connections to the Atlantic Ocean. Visit quaint waterfront towns along the length of the Long Island Sound and visit historic ports. Mystic Seaport, in the town of Mystic, offers an in-depth insight into the state’s maritime history and features four National Historic Landmark ships. The Connecticut River Museum in Essex gives visitors the chance to travel upriver in old schooners while learning about the state.

Connecticut borders New York City, making it easily accessible from all flights into that metropolis. Drive northeast of JFK International Airport for just an hour to reach the town of Norwalk, a great place to begin your exploration of compact Connecticut. Visit the state in fall to experience New England’s famously beautiful fall colors.

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Connecticut Science Center featuring a garden

Downtown Hartford

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Downtown Hartford boasts a bustling business district, housing major corporations and Connecticut's state government. Explore historic sites like the Wadsworth Atheneum, Bushnell Park, and the Old State House, while enjoying convenient access to Connecticut Transit Hartford and Union Station.

Downtown Hartford
New Haven which includes a river or creek and kayaking or canoeing as well as a couple

Downtown New Haven

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In the heart of New Haven, this residential downtown area boasts a variety of restaurants, cafes, theaters, and stores. Explore the arts at Chapel Street Historic District, Broadway area, and Ninth Square district, or visit the Shops at Yale.