Dortmunder U

Find Dortmund’s creative heart in this former brewery, which now houses art exhibitions, cultural institutions and research facilities in one iconic building.

The Dortmunder U, also known as Dortmund U-Tower, is a contemporary center for arts and creativity in the city. Explore its excellent art museum, media art exhibitions, cinema and education center, which all cooperate within the elegant 1920s brewery building. Gain new insights into arts and culture, science and digital technology in Dortmund and beyond when you check out the exhibits in Dortmund’s first high-rise building.

See the tower’s U-shaped sign overlooking the city from the western quarter of downtown Dortmund. The U is in reference to Union Brewery, which used the building to produce its beverages in the early 20th century. With its landmark status in the city, the historic building was a perfect choice as a flagship project for the Ruhr 2010 Cultural Capital of Europe event. Make your way into the expansive building and choose from a wide selection of institutions and facilities.

Peruse collections of modern and contemporary art at Museum Ostwall. This comprehensive museum was established in the 1940s and found its home in the U-Tower in 2010. See artworks labeled by the Nazis as “degenerate art,” as well as significant works from the expressionist, cubist and surrealist movements. The museum also has a good holding of contemporary artworks. For more contemporary pieces, head to the Hartware MedienKunstVerein and see its exhibitions of digital and media art.

Find out what Cinema in the U is showing at the innogy Forum. Attend intriguing talks, lectures and workshops at the Centre for Cultural Education. The U-Tower also houses several educational facilities for Dortmund University. See cutting-edge student exhibitions or join exciting events in the university areas.

Check out the comedy and cabaret program at Zum Goldenen U or have a drink and a meal at the Moog ground-floor bistro, which becomes a pulsating nightclub on weekend nights.

Find the Dortmunder U located just outside of the city’s downtown ring. It is easily accessible from the Westentor public transit hub. The building is free to enter; however, several of the attractions within have separate admission fees. Dortmunder U is closed on Mondays.

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