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Enjoy Texan charm, culture, and endless outdoor activities in “Sun City.”

With cloudless days almost every day of the year, it’s little wonder that El Paso is nicknamed “Sun City.” Located in the western corner of Texas, it is bordered by Mexico to the south and west, and is less than 6 miles (10 kilometers) from New Mexico. Thanks to the convergence of different states and country, the area is often called “The Borderland.”

El Paso is tucked into the Franklin Mountains, which cut into the city to divide it into different neighborhoods. Known for having one of the lowest crime rates of any U.S. city, it is a melting pot of different cultures, creating unique communities that feel like distinct mini-cities.

Explore the outdoors in this unique southwestern city. McKelligon Canyon offers a stunning desert wilderness right in the center of the city - and check the Amphitheater schedule to catch an open air concert or play. Urban parks dot the downtown and Franklin Mountain State Park borders the north of the city, creating an oasis for hikers, rock climbers, and mountain bikers. If you want to leisurely enjoy the outdoors, take advantage of the vineyards that surround El Paso.

Children will love exploring the tigers, sea lions, and other creatures that live in the El Paso Zoo. On the rare rainy day, head to the El Paso Exploreum for a hands-on learning experience. Every member of the family will enjoy strolling through the art galleries and museums that dot the city - don’t miss out on the Centennial Museum to understand more about the city’s past. El Paso Mission Trail offers a peek into the historic missions - and enjoy the shops and eateries as you stroll through this corner of the city.

Thanks to the sprawling nature of El Paso, it is easiest to explore the city by car. Visitors can also use the bus system, Sun Metro. Interstate 10 runs directly through El Paso and El Paso International Airport is conveniently located just 5 miles (8 kilometers) outside the city center.

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