Eyre Square

Peruse the modern art and floral displays of this park that takes you away from the bustle of the city.

Eyre Square is a rectangular plaza in the heart of Galway. Located beside some of the city’s principal shopping streets, it is an ideal place to take a break from sightseeing or relax with a book. Inspect the many intriguing statues, memorials and works of art that decorate the park.

See the portrait bust of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, who visited this park in 1963 to make a speech. Notice the Browne Doorway, which was initially the entrance to a 17th-century house. It now stands alone in the center of the square, having been moved from Abbeygate Street in 1904.

Other important works include a statue of War of Independence hero Liam Mellows and the Quincentennial Fountain that represents 500 years of Galway city’s incorporation with the red sails of an Irish fishing boat. Watch kids run around the small jets of water surrounding the bronze statue.

Enjoy the tranquil setting among rose bushes and other floral displays. Meander around the trees and find a spot in the shade in summer. Stroll down the pedestrianized road on the side of the park.

Wander through the connecting commercial boulevards of William Street and Shop Street. Peruse recognizable brand stores and boutiques for memories from your Galway trip.

Find out about the rich past of this green plaza, which dates back to the 1600s when trees were first planted here. It takes its name from the 18th-century Mayor Edward Eyre, although its official title was changed to Kennedy Memorial Park after the president’s assassination.

Eyre Square is just east of the River Corrib in the center of Galway. Arrive in the city at Galway Rail Station and walk northwest for one block to reach the plaza. Many bus stops surround the square, which is near the statue of Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde sitting facing each other on a bench. Leave the car in the parking lot beneath the park.

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