Festung Dresden

Step back in time at Dresden’s historic fortress to discover original city gates, thorough exhibitions and a uniquely Saxon experience.

Descend beneath Dresden’s famous Bruehl’s Terrace to discover the remains of the city’s old fortress, the Festung Dresden. Explore expansive corridors, gaze wide-eyed at the weaponry that once protected the city and pick up an audio guide to hear stories from the city’s past.

Let your eyes adjust as you descend into the semi-darkness of the Museum Dresden Festung. Be amazed as the original walls and cavernous rooms unfold in front of you. See the Brick Gate, which dates back more than 4 centuries, and was the last remaining entrance to the Saxon residence. See moats, cannon courts and bastions as you wind your way through the museum.

The underground location of the fortress makes for a sensory experience. Once your eyes adjust to the darkness your sense of smell and touch will follow and you are transported back to another time. In a city that was largely destroyed during World War II, the Dresden Festung is a unique destination as so much of the original structure remains in tact.

While guided tours are only offered in German, self-guided audio tours are available from the entrance counter. Discover the history of the fort and the role it played in protecting the city as you make your way through the 14 stops on the tour. Walk through exhibitions that explain the city’s defense strategies.

Afterwards, emerge from the fortress on the picturesque Bruehl’s Terrace to find riverfront cafés, city views and a number of other major attractions. Visit the Academy of the Arts, the Albertinum and the New Synagogue before relaxing in the scenic Bruehl’s Garden.

The museum is open daily and an admission fee applies. Reach the Dresden Festung by tram or bus, disembarking at the nearby Schlossplatz. The museum is a fascinating and family-friendly activity.

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