Freedom Park

Walk the hillside paths of this peaceful memorial park, which features ponds, sculptures and contemporary designs commemorating South Africa’s turbulent history.

Freedom Park is a contemporary complex commemorating South Africa’s long struggle toward peace, national unity and racial equality. Walk the spiral path around the 128-acre (52-hectare) site on Salvokop Hill to learn about South Africa’s history and see panoramic views of Pretoria and its surrounds.

Start out at S’khumbuto, Freedom Park’s main structure. Here, you’ll find a 2,287-foot (697-meter) long wall covered in 75,000 names of those who died during South Africa’s many conflicts. Tour S’khumbuto to see the eternal flame, an amphitheater and 200 towering metal reeds. The reeds symbolize the rebirth of South Africa as a unified nation and can be seen from anywhere in Pretoria.

Opened in 2007, Freedom Park is a beautiful example of contemporary design. Follow the smoothly curving outdoor paths to see more of the park’s elegant features. Isivivane, on the east side of the hill, features an arrangement of boulders taken from each of South Africa’s nine provinces. Visit the shallow pond of Uitspanplek and enjoy a view of Pretoria's city center to the north.

Get a detailed look at South African history in the recently completed //hapo building. The permanent exhibition inside will take you through the 3.6 billion-year history of Southern Africa. Learn about the geological history of the region, brush up on the area’s indigenous history and see how South Africa developed as a nation.

Freedom Park affords views of two of South Africa’s essential features: the busy metropolis to the north and the dense vegetation to the south. Study the layout of the city from above, then look over the terrain of the greater area.

Bring walking shoes and sun protection, since the features of Freedom Park are spread out along outdoor paths. Tours of the grounds are available three times a day for a small fee. Book a tour online through the park’s website.

Freedom Park is located within a 15-minute drive of Pretoria along the freeway to Johannesburg. Reach the park from the city center by car or taxi. Free parking is available.

There is a small fee for admission to the park. Freedom Park is open every day, from morning until afternoon.

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