Gehry Buildings

Marvel at these shiny, twirling riverside behemoths with postmodern designs crafted by one of the 20th century’s most iconic architects.

The Gehry Buildings of New Zollhoff twist and turn their way along the flanks of the Rhine River. These three fascinating structures offer an alternative architectural vision, with unique façades that brought a dull industrial harbor back to life at the end of the 20th century. Capture photos of these otherworldly buildings that curve and lean at different angles and directions.

Consider the trademark style of architect Frank Gehry in the design of these buildings, which resemble postmodern art with their white, silver and brown finishes. The three buildings completely changed the look of the harbor. The shiny stainless steel face of the center structure reflects the buildings on either side, creating a link between all three.

Each building has its own identity, built with a unique design from different materials. Gaze up at the tallest of the structures at 164 feet (50 meters) high, comprising 12 stories. Although the buildings seem topsy-turvy from the outside, the interiors appear upright and typical. See the site at night, when street lights illuminate the lower parts of the buildings and reflect them in the black water of the harbor.

Note that the building complex is known in German as Der Neuer Zollhof. The structures contain the offices of advertising and media agencies, management consultants and fashion designers. This area is known as the Media Harbor.

Walk along the harbor with your family and enjoy a picnic while looking at the boats moored in the river. Wander past the tall Rhine Tower that rises high above the Gehry Buildings and the port vessels.

The Gehry Buildings are located on the southern curve of the Rhine River in the central part of the city. Take the bus or tram to the Stadttor stop and walk northwest for 5 minutes to get here. Make sure to see nearby landmarks, including the Bürgerpark, the Rhine Tower and Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté Theater.

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