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Nature reserves, cheeky macaques, historic underground tunnels and stunning sea views are some of the attractions that await in this British Overseas Territory.

Gibraltar, on the southern coast of Spain, is well known for its towering rock and fascinating military history. Pack your hiking boots to explore the rugged terrain of this colonial outpost.

Head to the Upper Rock Nature Reserve to see stunning natural landscapes. Within the reserve, you can see the Rock, a towering limestone formation that was considered by the Greeks and Romans to be one of the pillars of Hercules. Take the cable car up to the top for breathtaking views. Walk about 25 minutes south of the top cable car station to reach St. Michael’s Cave, a natural grotto that is now used as a venue for concerts and plays.

In addition to natural attractions, Gibraltar is rich in culture and history. Visit the Gibraltar Museum, which has exhibits covering topics ranging from prehistoric Gibraltar to the Great Siege period. The Ibrahim-Al-Ibrahim Mosque, built for Gibraltar’s large Moroccan community, is also worth viewing.

For a military history lesson, explore the World War II tunnels on the island, where an invasion of North Africa was planned. You can also see the Great Siege Tunnels, which the British carved out by hand beginning in 1779.

The easiest way to reach Gibraltar from international destinations is to fly via London, Manchester, Bristol or Birmingham. If you’re already in Spain, drive into Gibraltar after passing through the border town of La Linea.

Gibraltar’s small size means that getting around on foot is an option, with various dedicated nature trails to get you where you need to go. The walks up to the Nature Reserve can be challenging. If you are tired, take one of Gibraltar’s taxis or catch the cable car from Grand Palace instead. While the official language is English, Gibraltar’s proximity to Spain makes it likely you will also hear Spanish being spoken in the shops and restaurants.

Take photographs of breathtaking natural rock formations, head into historic tunnels or simply lay out by the sea in beautiful Gibraltar.

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  • Rock of Gibraltar
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