The North Sea and Baltic Sea spectacularly meet at this headland of the Jutland Peninsula, Denmark’s northernmost point.

Visit the point where two seas collide. At the spit that is Grenen you can stand with one foot in the Skagerak, part of the North Sea, and the other in the Kattegat, part of the Baltic Sea. Forming the tip of the Jutland Peninsula, this area is known for its dramatic natural beauty. Visit the nature center to learn about the power of the various natural elements here at land’s end.

Grenen is the northernmost tip of Denmark, if you don’t count offshore islands.  This is a popular destination for nature lovers, drawn here by the beautiful beaches and walking trails.

Grenen has also long been the subject of landscape paintings, as the natural light beautifully reflects on its white sand. Of course, none of these paintings look the same because this landmass is ever-changing. The spit of land constantly reshapes as the tides and currents push and pull.

If you enjoy hiking, follow the trail from Skagen along the coast all the way north. Wander through low-lying sand dunes or take your shoes off and wade in the shallow water. In summer, the beaches of Grenen are excellent swimming spots, though the water is cold year-round. 

Grenen is one of Denmark’s premier birdwatching destinations. See hungry sea birds swoop into the ocean for fish. In spring and fall the region’s bird population grows as countless species migrate to and from the region.

With the exception of a radar station, the northernmost building in Jutland is the Skagen Odde Naturcenter. Locally called “desert ford”, its organic natural design is the work of the renowned architect Jørn Utzon. The Dane was also the designer of the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The nature center focuses on the environment of the local area, in particular sand, water, wind and light.

Grenen is just north of Skagen and the tip is about 3 miles (5 kilometers) from town. A fun way to get there if you don’t want to walk over is by joining a tractor-drawn tour “train”. Grenen is on public land, so access is free.

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