Larnaca Aqueduct

Photograph this surviving testament to the skills of the Ottomans when it is bathed in glorious evening light.

Admire the Larnaca Aqueduct, a marvel of Ottoman ingenuity with imposing arches and columns that stretch across the countryside. Built in 1747, it is one of the most outstanding historical remnants from the region’s past. It was in use for nearly 200 years, bringing water to the area from several springs and a river.

Marvel at the seemingly infinite collection of arches, 75 in total. Walk along the paths in the peaceful surroundings and count the columns. Look for the old grain mill, which used the water for its power. Notice several intriguing wells along the way.

Wooden and stone pathways help you navigate along the site. Enjoy the tranquil ambiance with views of meadows for miles. Capture photos of the aqueduct from various angles to incorporate a range of backdrops, from urban sprawl to a mountainous landscape. 

In the evening, catch the beautiful image of the sun setting behind the historic arches. See them in a different way once the lights turn on to illuminate them. The aqueduct is remarkably well preserved and looks as though it could still be used today. Sit on one of the benches to read a book in this fascinating setting.

The aqueduct goes by other names, such as Kamares and Bekir Pasha. It took 3 years to build and finally closed down in 1936, although it still attracts many visitors. 

Bring enough water for your trip, as there are very few kiosks or shops for refreshments. The site remains open for visits at all times and is free to access.

The Larnaca Aqueduct is 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) west of the city. A taxi journey from the center of Larnaca should take around 10 minutes. The Roman site is northwest of the Larnaca Salt Lake and the Hala Sultan Tekke. Stop here conveniently on the way to Limassol.

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