Ko Similan National Park

Hop from one tropical island to another for the stunning beaches, varied vegetation and perfect diving conditions in this nature park.

Mu Ko Similan National Park is a picturesque archipelago with mesmerizing diving opportunities. Its bright coral reef, pristine beaches and clear water draw vacationers from across the globe. Snap photos of the tall granite mountains and green hills as a backdrop to the crashing waves and beaches.

Visit the park headquarters on Ko Miang to get your bearings. Set up camp at one of the bungalows or tents. Organize a snorkel or scuba dive session with one of the tour agencies on the islands. See leopard sharks, yellow boxfish and stingrays in the clear seawater.

Bring your binoculars to spot the array of birds that call the islands home. Spot the white-bellied sea eagle, the black kite and the Asian koel, among other species. Dine at one of the restaurants on Ko Miang and Ko Similan for seafood and other ingredients brought from the mainland. The latter is the largest of the archipelago and contains coral reef in the form of animals, brains and mushrooms.

Trek through the various forests that decorate the islands. These include beach forests, scrub forests and primary forests. Encounter wildlife, such as crabs, lizards, turtles and bats. Pick the rare sapodillas fruit that resembles a kiwi fruit. Note the intriguing rock formations and cliffs that surround the bays.

Visit in the dry season between December and April for the best weather. The park is closed between mid-May and mid-November, depending on the severity of the rains. Adults pay a fee to enter the park, while kids get a discount. Arrange a boat trip to the island with your hotel or tour operator.

Mu Ko Similan National Park is spread across the 11 islands that make up the Similan Islands archipelago. The islets are in the Andaman Sea, about 40 miles (70 kilometers) west of Thailand. Take a boat from Khao Lok on the mainland, which has plenty of accommodation options.

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