La Poza

Sleep under the stars in a tent at this picturesque campground, which offers enticing lake and mountains views.

La Poza is a scenic woodland park overlooking Lake Villarrica. With a myriad camping sites and facilities including hot water, lockers and cooking utensils, the park makes an excellent place for a nature excursion. Marvel at the spectacular and varied panoramas, which encompass vast lake vistas and views of a snow-capped mountain.

Admire the vast and scenic lake, which covers an area of 43,000 acres (17,300 hectares). Look across to the opposite side of the lake and see snowy mountain summits and hills of green vegetation. Some of the best views are at sunset, when the sky changes hues and the setting sun is reflected on the water’s surface. Occasionally, the water appears red under the sun’s changing light. Bring along a camera to capture this incredible scene.

This peaceful park area is ideal for relaxing. Find a quiet spot on the shore to sit and read a book. Gaze up at birds in the sky and listen to their calls.

Choose from 80 camping sites and set up your tent with family or friends. Pick a site between the trees for shade from the hot summer sun.

Bring food to last your stay and make use of the cooking areas. Set up a picnic to share with your fellow campers on one of the designated picnic tables. One site even offers access to a kitchen that features a refrigerator, stove and large dining area. After a long trip, wash your clothes in the laundry basin.

There is a nightly camping fee, which is charged per person. Fees are a little higher in the peak season of January and February.

Find the campground of La Poza near its beach in southern Pucón, about a 15-mile (24-kilometer) journey east from the nearby town of Villarrica. The trip, which follows a route along the southern shore of Lake Villarrica, should take around 30 minutes by car. Parking is available near the campsites.

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