Participate in watersports, go on a boat tour in summer or play ice hockey and enjoy family skating in winter.

The Maschsee is a vast artificial lake offering many watersports and recreational activities. The picturesque water basin is surrounded by green vegetation on its banks, creating a leafy and tranquil oasis near Hannover’s city center. Take a boat trip on the water for a relaxing summer afternoon.

Enter some of the watersports clubs dotted around the shores and go rowing or sailing. Attend the annual European Dragon Boat Race and other events taking place throughout the year. Make your way to the southern tip of the lake to find the Maschsee Beach. Sunbathe on the shore and cool down with a dip in the swimming section of the lake.

Stroll around the perimeter of the lake, which covers 190 acres (77 hectares). Join the walkers and joggers exercising in this popular part of the city. A 3.5-mile (5.5-kilometer) walking trail runs around the lake, with an asphalt path for cyclists and roller skaters.

On the northern side of the lake are several open-air artworks. Admire the 20-foot (6-meter) red steel sculpture known as Hellebardier and the tall bronze Olympic torchbearer statue. Other sculptures include The Swimmer and Putto on the Fish.

In winter, a flag is erected on the northern shore of the lake if the ice is thick enough to stand on. Play ice hockey and go ice skating on the frozen lake. In particularly cold weather, market stalls are set up on the ice.

Note that the name of the lake in German refers to the term for swamp, since this artificial lake was created in a marsh-like area in the late 19th century.

The Maschsee covers a large part of the city a little south of the historic center. Take the U-Bahn transportation links to the Hannover Altenbekener Damm stop and walk west for several minutes to reach the lake. Visit nearby landmarks, including the Maschpark, the Friedhof Engesohde cemetery, Sprengel Museum and the Lower Saxony State Museum.

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