Mole Beach

Thrill seekers, sunbathers and partygoers head to this popular beach to surf, hang glide, relax and dance in the bars.

With its soft sands, cool breezes and big waves, Mole Beach is popular with surfers and sun seekers. The long stretch of sand is situated on the east coast of Santa Catarina Island and its bars provide an energetic social scene that attracts a young crowd.

Relax on the sands or get out on the water on a surfboard. Alternatively, just enjoy the spectacle of talented surfers navigating the waves. Some of Brazil’s top surfers come here in search of the perfect wave. Fans of action sports can go hang gliding off the hills and cliffs that surround the beach.

Mole Beach has a reputation for being one of the hottest and trendiest beaches on the island. Expect to see poseurs of both sexes in their skimpy swimming costumes. For dancing, food and drink, head to the lively beach bars. DJs usually get the parties started in the afternoon and they go on until late into the night. There is more nightlife in the bars, restaurants and clubs around the nearby Conceição Lake.

Mole Beach has a sunny climate all year round. Typically, the hottest months are December through to March. July and August are the coolest months, but the temperature is still good enough for sunbathing, although the locals may find it a little too cool.

Mole Beach is approximately 11 miles (18 kilometers) from the center of Florianopolis. Drive, take a taxi or use the local bus services. Be aware that the surrounding roads can be very busy, especially on the weekends when many locals descend on the beach. Arrive early and stay late to miss the worst of the traffic.

Consider exploring some of the other beaches on the eastern side of the island. They include Joaquina Beach and the clothing optional Galheta Beach.

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