Placencia Beach

Discover the Belize whale shark on a diving trip from one of the cays and islands near this sandy beach. Enjoy its restaurants and cafés too.

Placencia Beach is a long stretch of sand and dense mangrove along the eastern side of a peninsula. The former fishing village is now an international destination due to the popularity of its 12 miles (19 kilometers) of sand and sea. Take a relaxing walk along the sand and select from the range of bars and restaurants facing the Caribbean Sea to have a refreshing cocktail or meal.

This region is far busier than its northern counterpart of Maya Beach. Explore the many coffee shops, Internet cafés and restaurants that bring Placencia into the 21st century. Chat to local residents, who are renowned for their friendly and helpful manner. 

Visit the many resorts along the coast that offer a variety of watersports activities. Arrange a scuba diving trip to explore the world-famous coral reef networks of Belize. Some operators will take you swimming alongside the Belize whale shark. Go snorkeling to get a glimpse of the colorful fish and the fascinating underwater world in this tropical region. Take a boat out to one of the stunning cays of the Caribbean Sea, such as Laughing Bird Caye National Park or Placencia Caye. 

Relax on the hammocks of one of the cays and cool off under the shade of a palm tree. Go camping for the night here or rent a large catamaran for a multi-day sailing adventure. Explore some of the many islands just off the coast, where couples often enjoy romantic trips and honeymoons. Walk out into the sea from Placencia Beach and look at the fish swimming around your feet. The water, which is clear and warm, remains shallow for quite a distance.

Work up an appetite swimming in the sea and then head to one of the restaurants serving typical meals, such as stewed chicken, rice and beans.

Placencia Beach lies along the eastern coast of the southern section of the peninsula. It is just 2 miles (3 kilometers) south of the domestic Placencia Airport. The nearest major transportation hub is the Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport, several hours away in northern Belize.

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