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Portsmouth featuring kayaking or canoeing as well as a small group of people
Visitan elegant seaside city at the mouth of the Piscataqua River that excites withits maritime past, historic buildings and scenic walking trails.

Settled in 1623, Portsmouth lays claim to beingone of the oldest cities in the United States. With a rich shipbuildingheritage, a working port and a large waterfront park, there is much to fascinatethe visitor. Cruise through its waterways, learnabout maritime history and explore hundreds of years of Portsmouth’s past inits old homes.

The PortsmouthNaval Shipyard was founded in 1800 and for much of its history was a majorshipbuilding center. One of the many submarines to roll off its launchpad wasthe USS Albacore, now a floatingmuseum. Walk through the vessel on a guided tour to find out about its years ofservice.

There is more history at the Strawbery Banke Museum, a 9.5-acre(3.8-hectare) site with 42 historic buildings. The oldest structure dates back to 1695. Tour these old properties,which contain artifacts that reveal aspects of everyday life from differenteras.

Leave the car behind for a walk throughPortsmouth’s tree-lined streets. They will take you past beautiful colonialhouses. Shop in upscale boutiques, stop by a cozy café or restaurant and visitmore historic homes. Step inside the RichardJackson House, built in 1664. This is believed to be the oldest survivingwood frame home in New Hampshire.

For a pleasant change of scenery, head to thewaterfront Prescott Park. Relax inthe flower gardens and enjoy gorgeous views of the Piscataqua River.

A delightful way to see the city is from thewater. Go for a cruise onboard a reproduction of the flat-bottom wooden bargesthat were once a regular feature on Portsmouth's waterways.

Take a short boat trip or drive across thebridge to the 27-acre (11-hectare) PierceIsland. The former site of Fort Washington is now known for its scenicwalking trails and outdoor swimming pool.

Portsmouth is roughly halfway between Boston andPortland, Maine. The drive from either of these places takes little more thanan hour. Both are also a little over an hour away by bus. Once you are inPortsmouth, many of the historic and waterfront attractions can be easilyreached on foot.

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While there might not be top attractions in Pease, you can explore the larger area and discover places like Fox Run Mall and The Music Hall.

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