On the southern tip of Rhodes is an attractive beach bordering two seas, a popular destination for surfing and windsurfing.

Prassonissi is a peninsula on the southernmost tip of Rhodes, known for its spectacular scenery and watersports. Join the hordes of visitors who come here for the excellent surfing and windsurfing conditions. 

The beach consists of two sandy coves on opposite sides of a wide strip of sand that connects to an islet. This is the place where the Aegean Sea converges with the Mediterranean Sea. 

You will find plenty of space to put down your beach towel, or otherwise, rent a sun lounge and umbrella. The side of the beach that faces the Agean is usually windy with choppy waves, while the water on the Mediterranean side is much calmer. Go for a swim in one sea and then walk across the sandbank for a dip in the other.

Watch the surfers, windsurfers and kite-surfers perform stunts and tricky maneuvers. If you want to ride the waves, but don’t have any equipment with you, rent boards, sails and wetsuits from Prassonissi’s surf centers. Beginners can also take classes with experienced guides. July and August are the best months for surfers, because the Meltemi Winds are at their strongest.

During the summer months, when the water levels are lower, walk from the beach to the islet. Hike up to the lighthouse for unsurpassable views of the craggy southern coastline of Rhodes. The route is rocky so bring suitable footwear with you. In the winter, when water levels rise, the islet becomes an island and is therefore inaccessible on foot. 

When it is time to eat, choose from one of the restaurants and tavernas located at the entrance to the beach. Alternatively, bring a picnic with you.

Prassonissi is about a 2-hour drive from Rhodes City. The journey is picturesque and passes over rocky hills and alongside green fields. There is ample free parking at the end of the road that leads down to the beach.

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