Puno Region

Lake Titicaca - Puno which includes a lake or waterhole and tranquil scenes

Popular cities in Puno Region

Uros Floating Islands featuring a lake or waterhole and a small town or village
Known for Lakes, Tours and Islands
Escape to Puno! Enjoy its lake views, culture, and monuments.

Reasons to visit

  • Puno Plaza de Armas
  • Puno Cathedral
  • Mirador Puma Uta
Known for Lakes, Tours and Small town
Trip time! Discover the lake views, sunrises, and gardens in quaint Chucuito.
Known for Forests, Churches and Cathedrals
Come to Lampa and enjoy its forests, churches, and monuments.
At sunset, the dock of Amantaní is breath-taking. It's unclear where Peru ends and Bolivia begins as you look out across the water.
Isla Amantani
Known for Islands, Temples and Ruins
Escape to Isla Amantani! Enjoy its island views, temples, and ruins.
Juliaca in the Puno district of  Peru.

Known for Monuments, Natural parks and Historical
Escape to Juliaca! Enjoy its monuments, parks, and history.
Known for Beach view and Natural parks
Trip time! Discover the beaches and parks in Capachica.