Raabjerg Mile

See what happens when currents and winds push soft sand about for centuries at this huge moving sand dune that resembles a desert landscape.

Standing on top of Denmark’s largest migrating sand dune you will have trouble believing that you are in Scandinavia. The huge mass of sand that is Råbjerg Mile (Raabjerg Mile) covers a huge area and looks like something from the deserts of Africa. 

Since its formation in the 16th century the dune has moved with the wind up to 50 feet (16 meters) every year. The landmass is gradually making its way from the coast to the forest. Each year the Raabjerg Mile attracts a quarter of a million visitors who visit the region to hike, observe birds and photograph the unusual landscape.

Follow the walking track that leads from the Raabjerg church to see the dune stretch out before your eyes. The area measures almost 1 square mile (more than 1 square kilometer). As you approach the dune, notice how the sand moves across it, leaving behind a trail to the stones of Raabjerg.

Climb to the top of the dunes for a breathtaking view across the coast and the North Sea. The peak of the Raabjerg Mile is a favorite destination for landscape photographers and painters.

Book a ranger-guided tour through the dunes and listen to stories from the past. Learn how the dunes were formed and why they no longer dominate the Danish landscape. Find out the names of the plants and birds that inhabit the region. You can’t help but admire the Iobelia, a flower species that has adapted to the harsh conditions of the dune. 

Explore the low-lying wetlands that surround the dunes and bring your binoculars ready for birdwatching, especially during the migratory periods of spring and fall.

The Raabjerg Mile is located about 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Skagen and is best reached by car or on a guided bus tour. There is parking available on site and admission is free. Guided tours can be organized for a fee in Skagen. 

The region is exposed to the elements year-round, so bringing a jacket, hat and sunglasses are recommended.

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