Browse interactive exhibits that provide an insight into the fascinating lifestyle of the Sámi people, who have inhabited Lapland for thousands of years.

Siida is a museum dedicated to showcasing and supporting the cultural identity of the indigenous Sámi people. Discover stimulating exhibitions that offer an in-depth look at the lives of Finnish Lapland’s earliest settlers. Learn about their languages, livelihoods and survival strategies. See examples of typical dwellings and understand traditional hunting methods. Siida also highlights the varied landscapes and wildlife of Finland’s Nordic region.

Sámi culture and the Nordic countryside are presented as a whole at the museum. Walk through halls decorated with audio-visual displays, drawings, dioramas and photographs. Natural and projected light illuminates the artifacts to reflect Lapland’s shift in seasonal changes and weather conditions.

The permanent exhibition begins with an introduction to the indigenous tribes and reindeer-herding groups of the Arctic and Northern Eurasia. Find out about the development of the Sámi languages. Understand the region’s unique environment and natural phenomenon such as the aurora borealis (northern lights). Appreciate the strategies implemented by the indigenous groups to survive the extreme circumstances.

During the summer months you can also visit an open-air exhibition. Follow a path that winds through a forest and past original Sámi dwellings, including tents and mud huts. Peek into a gold prospector’s cabin. Spot the remains of stone-lined hearths that date back to the Stone Age and Metal Ages. See a collection of boats and sleds, among other antique modes of transport.

Ask about temporary expositions, which range from Sámi art and handicrafts to photography displays and the biodiversity of the Arctic. Admire the work of acclaimed national photographers such as Jorma Luhta and Juha Periniva. Come in January to watch films projected onto a screen built entirely of snow. The screenings are part of the Skábmagovat – Indigenous Peoples’ Film Festival.

The museum is less than a 15-minute walk from the center of Inari. Public buses stop a short walk from the entrance. Free parking is available.

Siida is open daily from June to September. Between October and May it opens from Tuesday to Sunday. There’s an admission fee with discounts for families and groups. Full details are listed on the museum’s official website.

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