Simius Beach

History, wildlife, watersports and relaxation make for a fun and exciting day at this Sardinian beach.

Simius Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Villasimius area due to its proximity to the small town and its gorgeous white sand. Come here to swim, sunbathe, canoe and to see wading birds in their wetlands home.

Get up from your towel or rented deck chair to snorkel. The sea here is known for its array of fish that swim close to the shoreline, including brightly colored triggerfish. Bring some prawns with you and watch as the fish eat them from out of your hands. 

As you look across the water, you will see Port Guinco Tower on a nearby headland. The 17th-century structure was used as watchtower by Spanish settlers to guard against pirates from North Africa. Walk up to the tower to inspect its ruins and to take in the superb views from this elevated vantage point.

Come back to the beach and rent a canoe or paddleboat for more fun on the water. If the waves are choppy, get out there on a surfboard. During the peak tourist season, lifeguards are on duty here. Enjoy a walk along the lengthy shoreline.

For a change of scenery, go to Stagno Notteri, at the southwestern point of the beach. This is a vast wetland area that covers approximately 84 acres (34 hectares). Look out for flamingos and many other bird species such as gulls and great cormorants. There is very little to see during the summer months, because the water dries up.

Simius Beach is less than 2 miles (3 kilometers) south of Villasimius. It is close to the village of Simius, numerous hotels and the Tanka Golf Course. The drive should take around 7 minutes and there is lots of parking in the pine forest behind the beach. Among the beach facilities are umbrella rental, a bar and restaurant.

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