Slavin Monument

Spend some quiet moments of reflection at this somber and thoughtful memorial to the Soviet soldiers who died liberating the city during World War II.

The Slavin Memorial is a moving tribute to the thousands of Soviet soldiers who fell during the liberation of Bratislava in World War II. It is also a military cemetery where those who were killed in the action are buried. The peaceful atmosphere attracts locals seeking a quiet place to relax and the hilltop setting offers excellent views of the city to the south.

A battle took place toward the end of the war and resulted in the liberation of the city from Nazi occupation. More than 6,000 Soviet soldiers were killed in the fierce fighting.

Look up at the triumphant monument which stands in the middle of the cemetery and immortalizes their heroic efforts and sacrifices. Its height of 164 feet (50 meters) includes a statue of a soldier with a flag.

Stroll along the paths that crisscross the cemetery, passing memorial sculptures and headstones with the names of soldiers written in Russian. There are also mass graves containing the remains of thousands of troops. If you want to learn more about the Russian Liberation as well as the subsequent rule of the USSR, head to the city’s Museum of Arms.

Enjoy the tranquility of the area and wander through the surrounding parkland. The cemetery’s elevated setting offers stunning views of Bratislava. The castle and New Bridge are both clearly visible to the south. Follow paths back through the leafy hillside to reach the center of the city. The route takes you through the residential area of Slavin, one of Bratislava’s wealthier districts. This is also the way to come if you want to walk from the city center. It takes about 30 minutes from Hodžovo Square in the old town.

There is no direct public transportation links to the Slavin memorial, but buses and trolleybuses stop a short walking distance away. Drivers can find parking spaces in Slavin.

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