St. François Beach

Enjoy the hot Mediterranean weather on this beach nestled between bars, shops and landmarks in the center of town.

With its central location, St. François Beach is the ideal spot to unwind after an afternoon of sightseeing. The scenic stretch of sand is the most popular area for sunbathing and swimming in Ajaccio. Admire inspiring views of the Mediterranean Sea and parts of the city’s skyline.

Walk down the steps from the boulevard to get to the narrow beach. Sunbathe on the sand to deepen your tan. Cool down in the blue-green water, which is surprisingly clean given its proximity to the center of the city. The calm water is safe for families with young children.

Lean back against the stone wall separating the beach from the boulevard. Sit with a book and relax in the shimmering sunshine. 

The sandy beach is a popular spot for picnics. Purchase local ingredients, including chorizo, cheese and wine, from the market at nearby Place Foch and take your treats down to the beach.

Capture photos of the sparkling sea with its varied shades of blue. Due to the curved landscape, you can enjoy views of the Ajaccio skyline with many white villas dotted around the mountains. 

Spot the stunning Blood Islands (Les Isles Sanguinaires) in the distance to the southwest. See how they seem to turn crimson red as the day turns to dusk. Watch the sunset and enjoy the changing colors of the sky.

At the end of the sandy beach is a long strip of small white rocks. Stroll along the adjoining boulevard next to a row of palm trees. Explore the boutiques and dine at one of the many bars and restaurants with views of the sea.

St. François Beach is a short walk from the port in the heart of Ajaccio. Stroll past the Ajaccio Cathedral and the Place du Général de Gaulle to reach the beach. Several buses stop along the adjacent boulevard. Most of the other beaches are a short taxi ride outside the city center.

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