Toyota Automobile Museum

Admire sports cars, limousines and Jeeps in this fascinating museum that brings together more than a century of historic cars.

Motoring enthusiasts will be lost for words when they visit the Toyota Automobile Museum in Nagakute City, just outside Nagoya. Marvel over luxury cars and learn about the history of the automobile in Japan and its role in society and popular culture. Whether you’re a car fanatic or just curious, this museum is a must-see for visitors to Nagoya.

While the museum is owned and operated by Toyota, the collection of cars includes many models from other manufacturers. In the main hall, walk through aisles of classic cars dating from the 19th century to the present day. All 140 vehicles have been painstakingly restored to showroom quality and are an impressive sight.

See a replica of the Toyota AA, Toyota’s first-ever passenger car, made to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary in 1987. Admire the 2000GT, one of Toyota’s sleek sports cars. Reaching top speeds of 135 miles per hour (217 kilometers per hour), it is one of the fastest cars Toyota has ever built. Cross the showroom to find the Mercedes-Benz 500K, a luxury touring car produced in the mid-1930s and one of the German manufacturer’s early successes.

After you’ve examined the vehicles, make your way to the Annex to see a permanent exhibition on the history of Japanese cars. The exhibition focuses on Toyota’s production techniques and the importance of automobiles in Japanese culture. View rare photographs, video footage and historic artifacts. A temporary exhibition within the Annex also hosts traveling exhibitions. When you have finished, eat at the museum’s on-site restaurant or café.

While the thrill of seeing some of the world’s most sought-after cars will surely have you wanting to get behind the wheel, the museum is best reached by metro, with Geidaidori Station located right outside. If you do arrive by car, park in one of the 400 spots on-site. The museum is closed Mondays and from December 29 to January 1. An admission fee applies; discounts are available for children.

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