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History comes to life in the Old Dominion of Virginia, where colonial and revolutionary sites lie scattered across a beautiful coastline and mountainous landscapes.

Travel through America’s past in Virginia. Native American museums and heritage sites, colonial towns and presidential houses throughout the state tell the story of the nation. Enjoy modern Virginia on the family-friendly coast or leave all civilization behind while escaping to stunning national parks and forests.

American history awaits in every corner of the state. Virginia’s nicknames, the “Old Dominion” and the “Mother of States,” hint at its importance in early America. Explore the Colonial National Historic Park to visit Jamestown, the site of the first permanent European settlement, as well as a replica Powhatan village. The park also includes Yorktown, where the final battle of the American Revolution took place.

Wander around Colonial Williamsburg, where all the buildings have been restored to their 18th-century glory. Head to Richmond to tour the State Capitol, designed by Thomas Jefferson, or to visit the American Civil War Museum.

Follow in the footsteps of presidents in their historic houses. Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello both offer tours and insights into the lives of the founding fathers.

Escape to the wilderness of inland Virginia. Shenandoah National Park offers over 500 miles (805 kilometers) of hiking trails through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Seek out hidden waterfalls or go underground at the dramatic Luray Caverns.

Virginia Beach is a fun, child-friendly town in the south of the state. Meet weird and wonderful creatures in the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum and have fun on the flumes and slides of Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

Virginia is one of the most prolific wine producing states in the nation. Follow routes such as the Chesapeake Bay Wine Trail to find tasting sessions and cellar tours in over 250 vineyards.

International airports in Norfolk, Williamsburg and Washington make Virginia easily accessible from around the world. Experience a variety of climates across different regions. In winter, you can ski in the mountains or find warmth in the milder valley regions. Come in fall to enjoy the state’s famously colorful foliage.

Popular cities in Virginia

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Newport News

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Luray featuring hiking or walking and mountains as well as an individual child

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